3 Tested Facebook Ads Targeting Hacks You Can Use Right Now [2021]

Needless to say that Facebook is the most valuable traffic source nowadays.

Especially for e-commerce.

The amount of data Facebook has aggregated over the years is beyond imagination.

The algorithms became so sophisticated that they are able to predict your interests and behavior and display the most relevant ad possible.

With Facebook Ads you can reach almost any person that is an active internet user and more importantly who is interested in the product you sell.

Amount of Cash You’re Wasting is Shocking

There’s 98.7% chance you’re losing $100,000’s

There are many components to a successful campaign: ads, bidding, copywriting, landing page design. But if we were to choose only one thing that matters the most, it would be targeting.

Think about that.

You stand in the middle of a desert with a pack of bottles with water and there’s a thirsty person crawling in front of you that is almost dying.

They would pay any money to get that water.

Same principle in a less extreme degree applies to your business as well.

Your job is to show your ads only to people who truly need your product and at the right time to minimize useless impressions that won’t lead to desired results regardless.

Here are 3 targeting options that could be easily called “hacks” as 99% of the marketers don’t use them for some reason even though they’re simple and fast to implement.

Use “Only when connected to Wi-fi”

This option is almost mandatory when targeting mobile devices. If not selected, it could lead to lots of potential losses.

Let’s talk about consumer behaviour for a second. 

Can you remember the last time you purchased something during walking or in public transport?

Most likely that didn’t happen at all. The point is to display your ad only when the person is in the setting that allows them to comfortably make a purchase.

This applies even to simple actions like leaving the email.

In order to do that head over to Ad set settings.

Under “Placements” select Manual.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the section and click “Show More Options”.

Click “Only when connected to Wi-fi”.


Now this ensures your ad impressions go only to people who are in the circumstances that allow them to convert.

Schedule your ads right away

You probably heard that you should collect enough data to make targeting decisions.

Get some traffic, get a decent amount of conversions. And only then decide which time it’s more efficient to run ads.

Let me tell you – when it comes to time targeting you can cut off lots of useless hours right away.

That’s consumer psychology again. Who sits in front of the screen the entire day holding their credit card?

Your Competition Will Destroy You

You can’t just ignore the disastrous risk

People have errands and chores just like everyone else. And if they’re browsing at night it’s still not the best time to make sales for them.

Here are the time ranges that work the best:

On weekdays:

5 AM – 11 AM

6 PM – 12 AM

On weekends:

5AM – 12AM (the entire day)

The reason for these ranges is pretty simple. Based on statistics people tend to make purchases or leave contact information before and after work.

It’s the range when they have free time and focus to read through the offer you have and complete the transaction.

Creating a lookalike audience out of your subscribers list

What’s the purpose of an email list? Obviously to keep in touch with your clients. Maybe send some useful content or another promo email.

But there’s much more than that.

Your subscribers just like any other people hang out on facebook as well. Sure, not all of them, but a decent chunk of.

If you combine your data (email list) with sophisticated algorithms of Facebook and their enormous data set you get the best ever client finding machine.

Basically by uploading your list to Facebook you’re telling them:

“Hey, here are my ideal customers. Please scan in your database their demographic attributes, behaviors and find me as many people like that as possible”.

That’s called a lookalike audience. The name speaks for itself: it’s an audience based on another one. On our email list in this case.

In order to do that you need to login to your Facebook Ads account and go to your Audiences.

Click Create audience drop-down and choose Lookalike Audience.

Now it’s time to put your list into action. Upload the data. (Hint: export the list out of your email management provider e.g. GetResponse, SendinBlue etc.)

Facebook advises to keep the number of contacts in the range of 1 – 50k. If you have a truly massive email list, you should break it into several parts by any criteria you want.

It could be product categories or an average order size.

Next, add the geo targeting. Select the countries you want to target.

Choose the audience size and it’s done.

Please also note that it may take around 6-24 hours for the audience to be created.

See how simple it is? It’s THE shortest way to find new customers that belong to the same demographic as your existing ones.

You don’t have to try and test a lot of targeting options (read: waste a ton of money on nothing).

This targeting hack simply directs your ad to the most receptive people on the entire Facebook and as the result of very tiny spending your get huge ROI on that campaign.

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